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Multidisciplinary Wound Management

Chronic and complex wounds are fast-becoming one of the greatest and most expensive challenges facing healthcare today. The average age of people is increasing, as is the global incidence of diabetes and obesity. All these factors work synergistically to increase the incidence of chronic wounds even further. Sadly, the process of wound healing is still not clearly understood and it is a part of medicine that most practitioners choose to avoid.

There are usually one or more associated medical conditions that could contribute to a patients wound healing coming to a standstill. These conditions are often poorly controlled or may not have even been diagnosed. It is for this reason that we believe all chronic wounds need to be approached with a multidisciplinary team effort in order to diagnose and treat any potential obstacles.

We are fortunate enough to have the largest dedicated team in South Africa, who meet on a monthly basis, free of charge, to discuss all chronic wounds being treated at CAWCC and to advise on their management. All members of the team are available for advice to CAWCC at any given time.

Since its inception in 2017 the team has tackled some of the most difficult wounds with successful outcomes. International research has shown that implementing a multidisciplinary approach has resulted in significantly shorter healing times, reduced healthcare costs and fewer lower limb amputations. Patients are returned to normality and their careers sooner. All patients should have the right to benefit from this type of multidisciplinary approach and in an ideal world, we feel it ought to be mandatory.